created and performed by Julien Mellano

A man more intelligent, more attractive and more resistant, to the point of becoming immortal ; this utopian dream will soon become a disturbing possibility. Several large economic powers are daringly investing in this new development, with one fairly simple yet considerable goal in mind : killing death. ERSATZ will offer a freely fantastical prediction of the man of tomorrow, a post-human sample version of what could be produced by the ideology connected with fascinating advances in computing, biotechnology and cybernetics. In the wake of this frightening and audacious shift, ERSATZ will present a vision of this foreseeable monster. The absurd result of the alchemy of man and machine is a heightened and ultra-connected being, stuck in his egocentricity and immortality, and disrupted by an artificial intelligence which is inherently slightly temperamental. Seemingly the remains of a disenchanted future, this rot-resistant specimen is subjected to the consequences of a transhuman revolution which didn’t quite manage to land on its feet…

external view : Étienne Manceau
lighting : Sébastien Thomas

coproductions : Festival Onze / biennale de la marionnette et des formes manipulées ;
Scène nationale Sud-Aquitain
residences : Au bout du plongeoir / Site d'expérimentation artistique / Tizé
Le Volume / C.Culturel de Vern-sur-Seiche ; Le Pôle Sud / C.Culturel de Chartres de Bretagne
Le Théâtre de Laval / Laval
supports : Le Mouffetard, Théâtre de la marionnette à Paris ; Le Théâtre de Poche à Hédé



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