created and performed by Julien Mellano
external view : Étienne Manceau
lighting : Sébastien Thomas
music : Olivier Mellano, Mauricio Kagel

In Ersatz Julien Mellano offers a prediction which freely fantasises about the man of tomorrow. Vision of a possible monster and absurd result of the alchemy of man and machine, this solitary specimen seems to be the vestiges of a disenchanted future, suffering the consequences of a technological revolution which hasn’t entirely landed feet-first...
In this non-spoken piece, Julien Mellano goes against narration, favouring a one-on-one between man and object. Somewhere between humourous performance and deranged farce, he invites the audience into a funny and mysterious treasure hunt, in which symbols articulate an allegorical tableau, strangely reminiscent of 17th century vanitas paintings.

Like a poem or a frog, Ersatz can’t be dissected, because the isolated elements can't explain anything of the entanglements within. Here, in a black hole, we find the absurd and the miraculous. Weighing each other up and weaving in and out, they attempt to catch up with the vanishing point of our humanity - whether real, virtual or augmented reality. Far from a well-ordered narrative on the future, Ersatz wanders without commentary in a troubled world, hidden in our deepest selves and travelling back to our most buried roots. Between Jacques Tati and Black Mirror, under the protective wing of Turing, Ersatz is a frozen shard from an already present future.

My affection for the misappropriation of objects, twisted DIY and pocket special effects means that Science Fiction is an ideal playground. Whilst preparing Ersatz, I delved into the wanderings of big questions which raise themes including transhumanist ideologies, cybernetics, artificial intelligence and other unique technological advances. Here I observed the whirlwind which forms and extracted from it abstract elements and images. From these I can knit together connections - I can dismantle and put back together certain ideas and scenarios. This allows me to stage a narrative loop, torn between a fascinating adventure that we keep for the future, and an emotional conscience from an original and creative past. Julien Mellano

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Production : Collectif AÏE AÏE AÏE
Coproduction : Festival 11, a biennial for puppets and manipulated forms ; Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain (National Stage of South Aquitaine).
With the support of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication / DRAC Bretagne (Ministry for Culture and Communication), the Conseil Général de Bretagne (General Council for Brittany), the Conseil Départemental d'Ille-et-Vilaine (Departmental Council for Ile-et-Vilaine), Rennes Métropole (Rennes City) and the Ville de Rennes (Rennes Town Council)
Residencies : Au bout du Plongeoir - Artistic experimentation site in Tizé; Le Volume - Cultural Centre in Vern-sur-Seiche ; Le Pôle Sud - Cultural Centre in Chartres de Bretagne ; Le Théâtre de Laval, state supported theatre ; Le Théâtre La Paillette in Rennes ; Le Théâtre Quintaou in Anglet
Thanks to : Le Mouffetard - Puppet Arts Theatre (5th Arrondissement, Paris)
Collectif AÏE AÏE AÏE is guided by deploY, an international programme for performing arts in Brittany.



du 01/03 au 01/03/19
1er MARS 2019
Quai des rêves
du 02/03 au 02/03/19
2 MARS 2019
Papier Théâtre
du 22/03 au 23/03/19
22 MARS 2019
23 MARS 2019
Festival Méliscènes
Centre Athéna
du 17/05 au 17/05/19
17 MAI 2019
Théâtre à la Coque
du 27/06 au 28/06/19
27 juin 2019
28 juin 2019
29 juin 2019
(Afrique du Sud)
National Art Festival




18 JANVIER > LAVAL (53) Théâtre de Laval / Festival 11  CREATION ;

19 JANVIER > CHANGÉ (53) Les Ondines / Frestival 11

20 JANVIER > CHALONNES (49) Villages en scène / Festival 11

24 JANVIER > MAYENNE (53) Le Kiosque / Festival 11

25 JANVIER > ÉVRON (53) Les Couëvrons / Festival 11

26 JANVIER > SEGRÉ (49) Le Cargo / Festival 11

06 FÉVRIER > GORRON (53) Espace Colmont / Festival 11

08 FÉVRIER > ALLONNES (72) L'Exelsior / Festival 11

09 FÉVRIER > CRAON (53) Le Tempo / Festival 11

13 FÉVRIER > ERNÉE (53) La 3'e / Festival 11

15/16/17 FÉVRIER > HÉDÉ (35) / Théâtre de Poche

20/21 FÉVRIER > CHÂTEAU-GONTIER / Le Carré, scène nationale

23 FÉVRIER > LOIRON / Théâtre des 3 chênes

14/15/16/17 MARS > ANGLET (64) / Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain

28/29/30/31 MARS 01/02/04/05/06/07/08 AVRIL > PARIS Le Mouffetard

24 MAI > IFS (14) Le Sablier

25 MAI > VERN-SUR-SEICHE (35) Le Volume

01 JUIN > ST SATURNIN-SUR-LOIRE (49) Villages en Scène

05 AOÛT > MIREPOIX (09) Festival MIMA

22 SEPTEMBRE > CHARLEVILLE-MÉZIÈRES RDV J-365 Fest. Mondial des Th. de Marionnettes

25 OCTOBRE > BLAINVILLE-SUR-ORNE / Avis de grand frais ! Rencontres professionnelles

10 NOVEMBRE > BRUXELLES (B) / Festival Export/Import

15/16/17 NOVEMBRE / RENNES / Festival TNB / Centre Dramatique National


24 JANVIER > MONTRÉAL (CA) / MIAM / Casteliers

26/27 JANVIER > QUÉBEC (CA) / Mois Multi Festival